Minor in AIAR

Minor in AIAR

Minor in AIAR

The Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Intercultural Arts Research (AIAR) is housed in the Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs unit within the UArizona Graduate College. The AIAR program offers a PhD, Masters, and minor degree programs in partnership with six other academic colleges: Education, Fine Arts, Humanities, Science, Social and Behavioral Science, and Public Health.

The AIAR minor is a 9-credit minor, involving 6 units of core coursework in Applied Intercultural Arts Research and Ethnomusicology and then 3 additional units in either an elective practicum or advanced arts seminar. 

Minor students are required to complete 9 minimum total credits to be awarded their minor. This includes 3 units of primary core seminar, 3 units of secondary core seminar, and 3 units of elective coursework. 


  • AIAR 601 (3 units) - Proseminar in Applied Intercultural Arts Research 


  • MUS 695B (3 units) or MUS 696F (3 units) - Seminars in Ethnomusicology
  • AIAR 524 A, B & C sequence (3 units) - Arts and Community Health: Intercultural Perspectives and Applications (this is a sequence of three 5 week courses totaling 3 units)
Elective Coursework


  • AIAR 694 (3 units)- Practicum in Applied Intercultural Arts Research
  • MUS 695B (3 units) or MUS696F - Seminar in ethnomusicology
  • ARE 535 (3 units)- Theory in Art and Visual Culture Education
  • ARE 633 (3 units) - Issues and Recent Research in Art and Visual Culture Education
  • ARE 520 (3 units) - Community, art, culture 
  • AIAR 524 A, B, & C - (3 units) - Arts & Community Health 
  • ARH 500 (3 units) - Topics in Museum Studies 
  • FTV 544 (3 units) - Documentary Production

*Other advanced arts seminars may be approved with permission from a student’s minor advisor, but should prioritize theory and/or methods or experiential learning opportunities relevant to applied intercultural arts research 

For a list of recommended current interdisciplinary course offerings related to AIAR, visit our AIAR course guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iWkZLIiCrI5FJ5cu7gwn_1VA-E4CEF6ZFcLcqN-ZSRs/edit?usp=sharing 

Additional Requirements:


  • The minor comprehensive exam in AIAR includes a written and/or practice-based exam as well as an oral examination. The minor comprehensive exam is intended to test the student’s comprehensive knowledge of the minor subject area of study, both in breadth and depth. Students pursuing an AIAR minor will work with their minor advisors to discuss whether a traditional written essay exam, or a practice-based exam is more appropriate for their path of study. The minor area advisor ultimately defines the breadth, shape, and content of this exam. 

Students will formally declare their minor in their Plan of Study form in GradPath. Interested students should contact the AIAR chair, Dr. Jennie Gubner, prior to submitting: jgubner@arizona.edu. 

For additional guidance on submitting your plan of study, please contact Maya Rivera, AIAR program coordinator: mayarivera@arizona.edu