Upcoming Event! Rays of Resilience: A Vision of the Future

Oct. 23, 2023
Rays of Resilience Promo

Join us to attend the upcoming audio-visual artwork exhibition, Rays of Resilience: A Vision of the Future, co-hosted by AIAR MA student, Chris Zatarain, and Jacqueline Arias, MFA student, Friday, October 27th at 4pm in the Center for Creative Photography! 

Rays of Resilience: a Vision of the Future is a climate fiction multimedia audio-visual piece that introduces three characters living in the Tucson area from a not-so-distant, climate-changed future. Exploring themes of adaptation, community resilience, loss, grief, and transformation, the piece seeks to illustrate what life might look like for the next generations as they navigate living in this region that will face extreme and unique climate-related challenges in the coming decades. Rays of Resilience is not a vision of Utopia, but rather a sober and thoughtful look at how potential challenges ushered in by current and past generations might affect the next, and how they might be handled with grace and perseverance, especially if swift and decisive action on Climate Change is made in the very near future. 

Rays of Resilience features artwork (lumens and original photography) and narration by Jacqueline Arias, text and musical scoring by Chris Zatarain. The piece runs ~15 minutes long. 

For updates and details, visit our AIAR instagram page: @uarizonaaiar! 

We look forward to seeing you there!