Jing Xia

Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interests: Chinese traditional music, Chinese music and wellness, Chinese diaspora music, music participation in health promotion, mindfulness-oriented music practice.

Minor: Health Behavior and Health Promotion

Arts Background: A member of the Chinese Musicians Association and National Organization of Arts in Health, Jing Xia is a guzheng (Chinese zither) performer and intercultural art and wellness promoter. As a performing artist, Ms. Xia has toured in Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and the USA. Her artistic activities have been featured by media outlets including the Radio New Zealand, NZ Herald, UK Chinese Journal, All American Chinese Youth Federation, and Tucson Life Style Magazine. She is also experienced in event management and artistic direction of ensemble. Her current research focuses on promotion of wellbeing among Chinese diaspora through applied musical research.

Recent Awards: Global Musical Award – Outstanding Achievement for the new album “Chinoiserie: Building New Musical Bridge”, Top 10 Outstanding Chinese American Youth Award.

The idea of the applied intercultural arts research is novel and practical. The most important reason which made me choose the AIAR is that I believe this program is making the world better.”