Ryan Shin

AIAR Faculty Member
Professor, Art

Ryan Shin is a professor in the School of Art at the University of Arizona. He is co-edited several books: Borderless: Global narrative of art education (InSEA, 2022); Counternarratives from Asian American art educators: Identities, pedagogies, and practice beyond the Western paradigm (New York: Routledge, 2023), Pedagogical globalization: Traditions, contemporary art, and popular culture of Korea (InSEA, 2017); edited Convergence of contemporary art, visual culture, and global civic engagement (IGI Global, 2016). He was inducted as 2021 USSEA Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Fellow. His research examines Asian popular media and culture, Asian critical theory and decolonization, global civic engagement, and new media and visual culture. He is the Media Review Editor of Studies in Art Education and served as co-editor of Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education (2016-2018). His articles have appeared in Studies in Art EducationArt EducationJournal of Art Education, Visual Arts ResearchJournal of Cultural Research in Art Education, and International Journal of Education through Art. He also has authored numerous book chapters and has given presentations at national and international levels.